The Stars Align In Beyonce & Jay Z’s Video For “Part II (On The Run)”

jay z beyonce

The king and queen of contemporary music have descended from the gold-laced steps of their mountaintop palace to gift us all with a new creation. And they’ve brought some friends you might just find familiar.

Weeks after alleged photos from the set of the video shoot leaked, “Part II (On The Run)” entered the internets not long ago with just under four minutes of heart-stopping action paced faster than a cheetah on cocaine. The Melina Matsoukas-directed short film races through locations and countless gun shots as the occasionally overwhelming video unfolds.

The drug-fueled escapade of our villainous protagonists is perhaps unsurprising, given Jay Z’s past as a drug dealer and his drawing on those experiences for past projects. Reckless and lawless, Hov and his revolver-wielding wife have successfully produced what might just be the most ludicrous, albeit astounding, music videos of all time. Expect the duo to walk off multiple stages with some serious hardware come awards season.

A complementary cast consisting of Sean Penn, Jake Gyllenhaal, Don Cheadle and others only further this video’s case.

Experience “Part II (On The Run)” now, and ponder the controversy surrounding the Carter & Knowles family later (or never, honestly).

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