The Primeridian & Tall Black Guy – Darling Lure

The Primeridian & Tall Black Guy – Darling Lure
All Natural Inc.: 2011

It takes one listen to Primeridian & Tall Black Guy’s debut Darling Lure to know they hail from the school De La, Pete, Tribe, and Dilla built. But while the aforementioned legends birthed production styles and songs that will bless headphones for as long as there is electricity, Darling Lure will not be as fortunate. The sound found on the thirteen tracks is neither stale, nor overly reverent, yet it does seem like it would be more at home in playlist next to Little Brother and Unspoken Heard circa 2003. Without a doubt we as fans and critics can be too invested in rap that is sonically progressive, youth oriented, and ghetto-centric, but there is also the reality that rap with more traditionalist and positive leanings can lack the gravitas of say Gibbs’ corner boy spiritualisms.

Even through all that drag though, the price of admission on Darling Lure is found in Tall Black Guy’s production. Lush, melodic boom-bap swings throughout the record creating an undeniable head nod factor. Whether it’s the bottom-heavy glitchy bounce of “Change The Meridian”, the dusty tranquil soul of “Whistle While You Work”, or the re-interpretation of a Tribe classic on “Let’s Go”, there is no shortness on quality. On the mic Primeridian are a capable duo who wants listeners to have a good time while shakin’ butts to ideas of hope, unity and perseverance. Their biggest flaw though is that their personalities tend to lack a charisma and verbal dexterity that keeps listeners invested.

It is unfortunate that some may listen to this album and roll their eyes at the lyrical content, maybe call it preachy. A more accurate criticism of the lyrics though is that they aren’t rooted to any particular experience, system or structure. There also aren’t any clever concepts to drive points home, which makes Tall Black Guy’s sound become passé after a few spins. All in all, Darling Lure has a sound that caters to a niche of rap listeners, produces no wack moments, and definitely has an undeniable feel-good factor. Darling Lure is definitely worth your time, I’m just suspect of how long of your time it will occupy.

3 out of 5

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  1. Not bad at all being compared to the likes of Little Brother, definitely a good look sirs!

  2. Brussels Sprout|

    I heard the record and liked it also. I think they have a chemistry that is not common these days. So much stuff seems forced lately but this sounds very natural and organic. All together it just feels really good. Great job.

  3. Was going to say the same thing. Nail on the head grasshopper.

  4. I think you nailed it… Same feelings I had about this album. Really want to like it, but it has setbacks.

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