The Niceguys – The Show [LP]

Ah yes, some good-ol’-fashioned hip-hop. To be quite honest this comes as a bit of a surprise as I did not expect the debut full-length offering from the Houston-based group The Niceguys to be released free of charge. But alas, here we are, offering you what is undoubtedly worth the click of a mouse to download. Despite most of their members calling Texas home, The Niceguys have a sound very much reminiscent of turn-of-the-century, East Coast hip-hop. So throw out those preconceived notions about what Southern hip-hop is supposed to sound like, and prepare for a funky, jazzy and fun affair laced with tight, lyrical raps in The Show.

Stream “Things Ain’t The Same” below and hit the skip for the album download. If you feel so inclined, you can also support the artists by purchasing The Show on iTunes.


Download: The Niceguys – The Show

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  1. Thanks for the updated link, Adam.

  2. No, I tried to get it from a couple other blogs also and they had the same mediafire link, which is broken. I did find a link that works though.


  3. Link not working?

  4. Minus a few lyrical misdirections, this album kicks. The music really holds it all together.

  5. Been following these cats since my homie Joseph put me up on them… Congrats fellas!

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