The Funk League – Funky As Usual

The Funk League – Funky As Usual
Favorite Recordings: 2012

Most groups, duos, combos, trios, or other assorted musical entities don’t want to be pigeonholed. But with a name like The Funk League, there really can’t be any question as to what the group will sound like and what the music will do. There can be no mystery and there will be no deception.  It will be funky and you will have to fucking deal with it. The French production duo deliver nothing but straight-up funky goodness on their debut, which strangely enough is entitled Funky As Usual.

Hugo and the Soulbrother Suspect (which oddly doesn’t sound very French) describe themselves as “rare groove connoisseurs and vinyl collectors.” This is an apt description as every sample on the release is slick and perfectly placed. These guys know their talents. They know what they like. And they stick to it. The album offers strong instrumentals, but The Funk League really excels when they have skilled MCs working magic on their creations. The talented list of collaborators includes Large Professor, Sadat X, Gift of Gab, Diamond D, and Supa. And the album kicks off a high note with the Sadat X-featured “On & On”. The Funk League and Brand Nubian member present a strong duo.

There is nothing groundbreaking here. Instead, The Funk League deliver a friendly release of old-school hip hop goodness that features fine guest spots and well-placed, well-researched beats. These guys are obviously students of vinyl and they demonstrate this on classic cuts like “On & On” and “MC3”.

3.5 out of 5

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  1. I dunno. I thought the album, including this ep release for a video w/ Brand Nubian, is fierce. Fantastic beat w/ Sadat X and the Paper Mario-like background that showed the story with him and Grand Puba back in the days when they were rockin stiff beats from then till now. Otherwise, this is just another critique that either took too short of a time to actually listen to the ENTIRE album to say more about it, or just didn’t figure the entire album was just as solid as almost any other genre of its kind.

    I’d give it 4/5 strictly because it doesn’t need to be groundbreaking- so long as it’s pleasing to my ears, I love it. Period.

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