The Dene Road – Whin Sill [Album]

How can you describe the Dene Road? Add a little of the Like Water For Chocolate era Soulquarian vibe, some afro-beat rhythms, touches of that sound people call “wonky” and throw in some samples. It’s left-field, entertaining music and it comes from a man in Newcastle, England, who is signed to Wigflip Records. If you like the album, also check out his first release, which is also available on his Bandcamp page and note the change in sound that took place in a years time. I’m confident that whatever direction he goes next is gonna be at least equally interesting.

Stream “Circlings of Our Marsh” below and hit the skip to download Whin Sill.

[audio:|titles=The Dene Road – Circlings of our Marsh w. Juj]Download: The Dene Road – Whin Sill [Bandcamp]

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