Listen to Ukranian Producer The Cancel’s New Instrumental Album ‘Criminal’

Listen to Ukranian Producer The Cancel’s New Instrumental Album ‘Criminal’


When I went into writing this post, I wanted to touch on the fact that the Cancel‘s previous releases—like last year’s fantastic Night Light—had seemingly disappeared from the web for no reason. But then I did some digging (aka Google searching) and found that the band called it quits. As crappy as that is, one member of the Ukranian group will continue releasing projects under their shared name, and that’s a great thing indeed. I always dug the Cancel’s knack for jazzy, laid-back hip-hop instrumentals—I mean, who wouldn’t like that?—so it’s great to see their tradition lives on here with Criminal. The 19-track album is bursting at the seams with vinyl (or digital) samples, but there are bit thats sound accented by live instrumentation. I’m not sure if that’s exactly what’s going on here, but some parts just sound so crisp that I feel like they need to be layered with the real thing. Either way, this is damn good.

You can stream Criminal below and buy it here.

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