The Black Keys – “Fever”

the black keys

Famed in their obscurity, The Black Keys last surfaced with a full-length project in 2011. El Camino won four Grammys, critical acclaim across the board and a bolstered reputation for the band. Turn Blue, that project’s followup, will land in the hands of the world on May 13th.

Today, The Black Keys liberated Turn Blue‘s first single: a strumming alt-rock single, “Fever”. Vocalist and lead guitarist Dan Auerbach pieces together an artful blend of 80s-styled garage punk and modern radio rock. Melodic instrumentation paired with equally blissful singing makes for one helluva record, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from the project.

Below is the tracklist for Turn Blue. Stream “Fever” below.

1) Weight of Love
2) In Time
3) Turn Blue
4) Fever
5) Year in Review
6) Bullet in the Brain
7) It’s Up to You Now
8) Waiting on Words
9) 10 Lovers
10) In Our Prime
11) Gotta Get Away

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  1. Julio Ibarra|

    You must be on their label’s payroll cause this song is terrible!!!

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