The Bizarre Ride: An Interview With The Pharcyde’s Slimkid3

The Pharcyde and A Tribe Called Quest have often been tied together, hailing from opposite coasts the two groups were known leaders in the “underground” or “alternative” hip’hop culture, a break from the gangster rap era. Both saw early success and became renowned in the ’90s before succumbing to ego-derived breakups that have become a plague tho which countless music groups have seen when approached with fame and fortune.

Unlike Tribe though, there hasn’t been a major film release documenting the groups split, leaving many fans to question whether the group that brought the classic Bizarre Ride II album would ever bless us with another project. In recent years, the duo has been split 50/50, leaving Bootie Brown and Imani touring to perform their rendition of the group’s classic hits, with Slimkid3 and Fatlip on the other side starting to do the same.

With 2012 bringing the 20th Anniversary re-release of the Bizarre Ride record, we caught up with Slimkid3 to get an update on where the group stands, touring with Fatlip, and what “The Pharcyde” means today.

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  1. Based on what he said, he was tryin to work with the other two, trying to get back to making albums as The Pharcyde and touring together, but it wasn’t going anywhere. Felt like they had their own ideas and weren’t budging.

  2. Good shit. I had an opportunity to see the Pharcyde in 2011, errrone except Fatlip was there and the 3 made it look good. I don’t really know what happened since then that made Slimkid3 jump to Fatlip’s side but this is sad.

    (the same show had Digable Planets playing but it was only Doodlebug with two other random folks)

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