The Best Songs of 2014


Album rankings hold far fewer surprises than song lists. There’s less room for unexpected entries, more pressure to include projects toting that half-imagined halo — the perception, whether wrong or right, that most of our readers want to see album X or Y in our Top 40. We’re admittedly in support of our picks, but picking standalone songs is flexible, personal and fun to a greater degree. The liberty we have to shine a light on impressive tracks, which you might not expect but deserve this kind of recognition, is the best part of these year-end compilations.

OKAY, so some of the singles and album cuts you’ll find here won’t exactly knock the wind out of you. Much like with Best Albums, plenty of songs damn near guaranteed an appearance are also the finest to enter our browsers and hard drives the past 12 months (shouts to FlyLo).

We wish we could have captured all the wonderful music moments encapsulated by singular bursts of creativity. 2014 saw hundreds upon hundreds of those. When we were making the half-year lists during the summer, it was hard to imagine how the best songs of January through July could be topped. Somehow, artists new and old delivered. Please share any songs you feel particularly passionate about to have surfaced this year — we’ll be sure to check them out. From all of us at Potholes, thank you for reading.

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