The Best Rap Alter Egos

geedorahOn Tyler, the Creator’s new album, Wolf, it becomes increasingly apparent that the Odd Future leader has shaped an intricate, multi-faceted narrative across his releases. Whether he’s rapping as Wolf Haley, Sam, or Tyler, the 22-year-old Los Angeles native has pushed along his story arc replete with twists, murder, heartbreak, and all the other necessary elements of a dramatic tale. There’s more to it than that, of course, but that’s why we decided to write this feature.

Wolf got us thinking about all the other hip-hop alter egos that have been introduced to listeners over the years. Some of them are simply aliases–such as Redman using his real name, Reggie Noble, for production credits–while others simply haven’t been developed enough to create a lasting impressions. Then there are the cases where maybe, just maybe, the artist should have stuck to his guns–Bobby Digital, anyone?

We have looked into the best alter egos in hip-hop to celebrate when they’re done right and when they can dramatically shape an album or, in many cases, a career.

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  1. Bobby Saban|

    How bout “Randomblackdude”, Earl’s producing alter ego. Hive:

  2. Deltron Zero?

  3. DangerDoom was/is only a collab…

  4. Fuck yes. As long as Madlib/Quas made it. Im happy. Dr. Doom is almost a Major plus.

  5. ? Aren’t those all aliases?

  6. God’s Son, Nastradamus?

  7. Where is Nas, Escobar, Nasty?

  8. dj rels is not house/techno, its Broken beat


    RZA as Bobby Digital

  10. hankfromMN|

    haha u coulda wrote this whole thing on doom….loved it tho

  11. Lil B and the Based God are not really the same people. At least I don’t think they are but I can’t say that the mind of Brandon McCartney is easy to unravel–kind of difficult when there’s 32 levels of based ya know?

  12. Or Nicki and Roman!!!!

  13. You forgot LIL WAYNE AND TUNECHI!!!!!

  14. You forgot DANGERDOOM. Good list. I’d add Prince Paul and the RZA (Gravediggaz for the both of them).

  15. word makes sense

  16. That and most of the Wu’s stuff was mostly just aliases/different names. The music didn’t really change or anything like that.

  17. Deserves at least a mention for context, true, adding now.

  18. what bout big baby jesus?

  19. No mention of Doom’s original rap persona Zev Love X?

  20. Good call, man, and thank you. I’m going to clarify that.

  21. Despite the avi, I’m not a Keith Stan, lol.

  22. Hate to be a pedant, but re: the Dr. Octagon character, I think that to say Keith resurrected him to lukewarm results is at once accurate and misleading. He did intend to resurrect him, but on the condition that a specific producer was attached to the project. That changed, but the label went ahead and finished the album without Keith (using a mixture of finished tracks and old, unfinished recordings . I’m assuming the disappointing result is a product of this entire f*ck up. Shouts for the entire feature though.

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