The 50 Best Albums of 2013

danny-brown-terminal-5It seems that with every year, the idea of an album being more of an event than a listening experience seems to get stronger and stronger. It 2013, that notion was defined by comeback albums, out-of-nowhere releases, genre-defining projects, and so many great free records that it was difficult to keep track even with our weekly roundups.

Even though the promo game got even more fierce over the past 12 months, the music side of it never stopped delivering. In fact, narrowing this very list of the best albums of 2013 to a mere 50 releases wasn’t easy, especially when you consider our half-year list from this past summer. We’ve had plenty of shake-ups since then, which means you might be surprised to see where certain projects have landed. But that’s the beauty of doing these lists every six months now—you get to really see how an album sits with you by the end of the year.

With that, let’s get to it: These are the 50 Best Albums of 2013.

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  1. Or you don’t like dance music and was pleasantly surprised that it was as good as it was but still not in your top ten…

  2. Jelisa Chatman|

    Young Fathers! Yes!

  3. Funny how loved disclosure were once by the underground scene in the UK but are now shunned for making commerical / pop / sell out dance music.

    That being said i do still think its a fun EASY album that would be in my top 10 but not first.

  4. Forgot a couple albums like born sinner. But other than that great list.

  5. Roc Marciano’s “The Pimpire Strikes Back” should be on here. It’s simply amazing.

  6. Settle is definitely album of the year. Good job guys

  7. RTJ all day for me. Don’t think anything best that this year.

  8. Dope list. Gotta check out a lot of this music. I am also extremely happy that yeezus wasn’t in the top 10

  9. I thought I’d see spark master somewhere. But then again no one knows who they are, but I’ve had the SWOUPSerengetti on repeat since PHIMB featured it. Def keep an eye on the hommie. Good list though.

  10. Serious props to you guys for this list; this is why I keep coming back. Obviously my opinion differs from this list (like any single opinion from one of your writers), but dammit this list blew all the others I’ve read out of the water.

  11. Diggin' In Crates|

    ^ Make that page 5. Damn, forgot about a bunch of these albums. Goin back into the archives today

  12. Diggin' In Crates|

    Agree with the majority of this list. Page 2 on lock (except yeezus; fuck yeezus)

  13. Luke Hardin|

    Stop, you sound stupid.

  14. Luke Hardin|

    Only glaring omissions for me would be Dour Candy and Legends Never Die. Great list, though.

  15. Yabba Kathy Griffiths|

    Good list, but how could you forget Autre Ne Veut’s Anxiety? Easily greater than at least half of what you listed.

  16. good list…cult classic should be way higher. fuck is disclosure?

  17. drake at 34 and yeezus at 20?? apparently mainstream success discredits quality? guarantee if any hipster rapper had made either they would have topped the list..

  18. I had Jose James ‘No Beginning, No End’ up there too. It made my top-10 but again it’s consensus of all the writers on the site.

  19. boom

  20. Iman Omari!

  21. To me, sites like are the real factor here. Nobody listents to Yeezus cuz it’s a randomly awkward album that tries too hard. Most blogs/magazine care too much about the image of the artists or the hype. Not hating PIMB but the “it has been on every blog/magazine” thing sounds stupid.


  23. This is a great list! Definitely missed a few of these, and it is probably time for me to finally jump on the bandwagon and give Earl’s Doris a real listen. GNK is probably my album of the year; glad to see it cracked the top ten). The only albums that didn’t make the list that have had a lot of replay value for me are MMLP2 and Legends Never Die. I understand why the former didn’t make the list, but the latter I felt was criminally underrated. I thought RA the Rugged Man put out an amazing album in Legends Never Die. And I will never understand how his song Definition Of A Rap Flow didn’t crack your top 100 songs of the year.

  24. pretty good list but no love for shigeto or paul white??

  25. …………….wait what?

  26. REALLY SURPRISED to see Mac Miller so high up on your list. He really did release a great album this year.

    I gotta agree with this list on the most part although I did enjoy NWTS a lot.

  27. You can’t be serious with this question. Yeezus has been on literally every blog/magazine’s top albums list… Regardless of you feel about it, obviously people liked it.

  28. RAS G???

  29. sure, i just think that dour candy is a much more polished and better finished album than race music. for me dour candy is at least a top 10. but hey art is subjective, maybe is just me. excellent site i come here everyfuckingday man

  30. wooops. my bad. shitty internet connection. move on people

  31. any reason why my previous comment was not published/censored?

  32. AndrewMartinPIMB|


  33. yikes

  34. AndrewMartinPIMB|

    I mean at least we have Armand Hammer listed?

  35. nice list. I cant get over the fact that Wolf is in the top 10 and yet billy woods – dour candy is not even in the top 50… seriously, the dude is incredibly underrated. Not on the end of the year list here, neither in many many “top hip hop albums of the year” around the internet.

  36. also i may have shed a tear of joy or two when i saw that Young Fathers was on this list

  37. really liking this list, don’t agree with some of the voices, but i respect the fact that you guys clearly have your own opinions and don’t need to follow what other publications are doing (yeezus and modern vampires at the top) I’m sure it’ll be another outstanding year for potholes in 2014

  38. AndrewMartinPIMB|

    You are very welcome. This is great.

  39. Voices of Wrestling|

    No problem! Thank you guys for providing a great list and a great year in covering music. It’s missing all the mixtapes and free downloads obviously but I think at least 70% of the list is available.

  40. AndrewMartinPIMB|


  41. AndrewMartinPIMB|

    Thanks man!

  42. AndrewMartinPIMB|

    Nope. We have writers all over the States (and the world, actually).

  43. If Settle isn’t your favorite album of 2013, you didn’t listen to it.

  44. No Joey, but Tyler gets a top 10… You guys aren’t from LA are you?! 😛

  45. Voices of Wrestling|

    Put all the albums that were available on Spotify into a playlist:

  46. AndrewMartinPIMB|

    Simple: A lot of our writers liked it. I didn’t, but it’s a consensus.

  47. How in the hell did Yeezus get on this list?

  48. glad you guys showed Denzel Curry some love, that album is pretty slept on. Same with King Krule. And while I would’ve put it number 2 behind Yeezus (imo), Settle is still an amazing record. Very respectable list overall.

  49. AndrewMartinPIMB|

    Yeah, I’d definitely put Jose in my top 15 or so. Still haven’t heard that Lions joint.

  50. My best of 2013 would be mad different. The top 15 or so has some of my pics though. Outside of that, I was either meh on them or haven’t listened. Alice Smith’s She, George Anne Muldrow’s The Lighthouse, Jose James’ No Beginning No End, and The Lions’ This Generation for example would all be up there.

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