The 50 Best Albums of 2012

The 50 Best Albums of 2012

frank ocean headband The 50 Best Albums of 2012Well, here we are. After running down our picks for the year’s best artwork, videos, remixes, mixes, singles, and EPs, we have arrived at that magical moment: our roundup of 2012’s best albums. As was the case with our previous lists, this was not easy at all to curate.

Despite what your friend, favorite music critic, parents, WHOEVER might have said, the past year brought with it some fucking great music and some albums we’ll be labeling as classics down the road. Decreasing sales aside, albums are still doing the damn thing; whether it’s a conceptual piece outlining a rapper’s upbringing in Compton, Calif. or a collection of deep house bangers from the past two years.

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