TEYMORI Delivers Afro House, Funk, and Jazz on Self-Titled EP

TEYMORI’s self-titled EP dropped in July 2018, so I was probably too busy fishing and listening to podcasts to have realized it. Or, you know, it flew under my personal radar and… you get my point. I’m hearing this nearly one year later and absolutely loving it.

TEYMORI is apparently the alias of Australian DJ/producer Amin Payne, who plays in several other groups in addition to his solo career. And when he was creating this EP, he brought in a number of other well-regarded artists to flesh out the sound with rhodes, bass, horns, and the like. The result is TEYMORI, a delicious stew of Afrohouse, jazz, and funk.

Shout out to one of my favorite producers, Tall Black Guy, for bringing this to my attention.

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