Tennis – “Take Me Somewhere”

Dreamy lo-fi pop with surfer-rock leanings seems to be all the rage these days. Hell, these days might even be a bit late as who knows when the next indie fad will break through and abolish this extremely popular sound. I’ll be honest: I was hesitant to jump on-board with all of this at first. The whole chillwave thing, especially the name, really, really turned me off for some reason. Blame the buzz. Blame the stupid band names. Blame whoever.

I was wrong. Dead wrong, as I’ve mentioned PIMB-writer Craig Jenkins has dubbed me several times. There are some fantastic acts in the lo-fi realm, some of which I have posted today already. Here, we have another one in husband-wife duo Tennis. Hailing from Colorado, these two blend the sounds of the 1950s and ’60s with hints of noise and lo-fi hiss to craft devastatingly catchy music. Their latest single, “Take Me Somewhere”, is no different. If you don’t end up playing this one several times, I doubt you enjoy good, well-craft pop.

Stream “Take Me Somewhere” after the jump.

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