Tennis – “Marathon”

I have been told that my twitter picture makes me look like I came right out of the racquet club, which was possibly why I was so inclined to check out the latest work from husband and wife duo, Tennis. Luckily that was the case, as what I discovered was some of the most infectious and soothing pop music to ever grace my ears. Coming out of Denver, Colorado, we can add Tennis to a list of indie acts that are coming on stronger than ever from that city. “Marathon” can be found on Tennis’ upcoming 7″ release on Firetalk. You can also expect to see another 7″ from Tennis at some point on Underwater Peoples. Check this jam out and enjoy your weekend. [via]


Download: Tennis – “Marathon” [Right Click Save-As]

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  1. Nice video, nice song

  2. David Reyneke|

    who gives a fuck about an oxford comma?

  3. Craig Jenkins|

    Your twitter pic is a little Vampire Weekend-ish…

  4. I love throwback doo wop-type-shit.

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