Listen to Tek.lun’s Rad New EP ‘The GreenBox’

teklun-the-greenboxLast Friday, I highlighted the latest instrumental piece from Tek.lun in the form of “Green Box.” And in posting it, I figured that dude probably had something new on the way, just because loosies typically mean that there’s a full project about to drop… at least, that’s what I was hoping for. Well, sure enough, Tek.lun has come through with a quick-strike new EP, The GreenBox, that includes the aforementioned burner, a Big Sean-sampling collaboration with Gravez, and two other cuts that are definitely worth your time. Like closer “CLOX (5 Thirty),” which flirts with your eardrums for its entire running time of five and a half minutes. That may not seem like a long time—it isn’t—but the variety of sounds that hit you make it feel like a collage of sounds that could be an entire EP upon itself.

You can hear the EP below.

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