Tech N9ne – All 6’s And 7’s

Tech N9ne – All 6’s And 7’s
Strange Music: 2011

Since Kansas-Born Tech N9ne already has a career in Hip Hop spans at least 15 years, a certified platinum album under his belt (back when it was cool to have one of those), and a FIERCELY dedicated fanbase that hangs on his every word and a self owned Music Label (Strange Music), you’d assume your boy already has everything lined up for mainstream success at this point. Nevertheless, Tech N9ne continues to fall into an odd grey area of music: Either you really like his intensely verbose, rapidfire style and his horrorcore themes, or you really don’t. It’s pretty unfortunate since dude is pretty impressive. However, with his newest project, All 6’s and 7’s and with upcoming guest spots on Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter 4, if you aren’t familiar with him or haven’t given his music a chance, you probably will shortly.

On this well schemed and well themed album, we find Tech taking a bold step towards opening and expanding his core audience, while staying inside that special, dark niche of hip-hop he is known for. Throughout the beginning and middle of the record, we find Tech focused on saluting and building his fanbase into an army (the song “Technicians”) while addressing his influence with his fans on the well done “Cult Leader”. Tons of guest appearances (15-plus) from musicians of every genre keep things fresh and interesting on this album, with amazing appearances from Yelawolf, Twista, Busta Rhymes, D-Loc and Twisted Insane on the who-can-rap-the-fastest record, “Worldwide Choppers” while showing his range and appreciation for music with guest spots from Chino Moreno and Stephen Carpenter on guitar riff heavy “If I Could”.

Although Im a bit conflicted about the intensely sexed up interlude of songs towards the end of the album (“Fu*k Food”, “Overtime”, “Pornographic”), I really have no negative qualms with this album. Again, Tech N9ne can be really taste specific; some fans are enthralled by his bizarre, hardcore hip-hop style (some call it the truth and the future), while others really do NOT like his themes or his signature flow (some call it corny crap). Regardless, the beats on All 6’s and 7’s are above average, as well as his lyrical skills and ideals. Given his history in Hip Hop and the large amount of work that obviously went into this album, It’s easy to give Tech N9ne the benefit of the doubt on this one. Give it a spin. I’m pretty sure you’ll find a few tracks you’re feeling.

4 out of 5

Stream “Worldwide Choppers” below.

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  1. glad i could help yall out.

  2. Haven’t steered me wrong yet. Will check it out.

  3. Julien Loeper|

    yeah dude good review. Yelawolf kills it on worldwide choppers

  4. Tech N9ne is the GREATEST Rapper Alive!

  5. Merrrrrrr|

    I heard Tech say in an interview that he wrote a song a day because he’s been super busy lately.

  6. Merrrrrrr|

    I heard Tech say in an interview that he wrote a song a day because he’s been super busy lately.

  7. Nah. There were few things on this album that kept it from that extra .5. But still a great album nonetheless.

  8. Tech Nine keeps it going in this album as well. Not a 4.5 out of 5? It definitely deserved it. He is truly on of my favorite rappers out there. One of the best no doubt.

    Hip Hop Artist

  9. Album was great! 9/10.

  10. anymeenz|

    all i want to know is are you looking for any artist to sign.

  11. Yeah. This album doesnt suck too much either.

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