SWEATSON KLANK – “Morning After Pills” (Instrumental)

SWEATSON KLANK – “Morning After Pills” (Instrumental)

If the name SWEATSON KLANK doesn’t ring any bells, chances are you might remember the producer’s previous alias of Take. Last year, he released the pretty damn good Only Mountain, an experimental journey through beats that I felt was slept on by too many heads. But hey, maybe this new all-caps moniker will keep his name bouncing around in your skull. If it doesn’t, you can be damn sure the beat on “Morning After Pills” will be lodged in your cranium. This is apparently the instrumental version of the track and we can expect to hear a vocal version of this tune with a very special someone” next month. Looking forward to that, KLANK!

Hit the skip to stream “Morning After Pills”.

SWEATSON KLANK – Morning After Pills (Instrumental) by TAKE

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