Swarvy – Shadows Remixes [Album]

What’s that? More dope-as-hell beats you say? But of course! Seriously, I don’t think I listen to as much vocal-based music as I do these days just because Bandcamp and Soundcloud keep filling my plate with great (and free) instrumental albums. The latest comes via Swarvy, who we recently highlighted when he dropped his futuristic record 3011 MC BEETS. It seems that he still might be stuck in the next millennium as he outsourced his material to a slew of producers, including Sir Froderick and Mndsgn, to create Shadows Remixes. Light one up and enjoy. Or just pound a few beers. Whatever’s your vice.

Hit the skip to stream/download the album.

Download: Swarvy – Shadows Remixes [Bandcamp]

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