Stream Ohbliv’s ‘MindGarden’ In Its Entirety

Stream Ohbliv’s ‘MindGarden’ In Its Entirety

Ok, first things first: awesome label news. There is a new label on the block named Thrash Flow. The RVA’s own Ohbliv‘s latest instrumental offering, MindGarden, happens to be the label’s debut project. To describe it, I can’t put it better than C Dot Arthur: it was definitely something crafted “all from the heart”. The range of feelings you’ll experience as each song passes by you is vast. Here’s some of what I’ve picked up on to name a few — love, somberness, enlightenment. Oh, and a brief message to the doubters out there: the power of “unadorned use of musical structures which produce meditative perceptual states” is real my friends. I don’t have a favorite song from MindGarden at this point, (it’s difficult for me to choose: “Involved Tones”?, “Southside Vibrations”?, “Nudemotions” ?!?!), but I can attest the project as a whole will be a pleasure for your eardrums.

You can stream MindGarden below, and purchase a cassette copy with a digital download code included while supplies last right here.

Purchase: Ohbliv – MindGarden [Bandcamp]


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