Stream Nacho Picasso’s New Album ‘High & Mighty’

nacho-high-and-mightyPotholes favorite Nacho Picasso returns today with High & Mighty, his first solo project since last year’s Black Narcissus. On this new album, he’s reached out to some other local or at least nearby talent when it comes to the production side of things. Jake One, Cardiak, and Vitamin D, among others, contribute instrumentals on here along with previous collaborator Raised Byy Wolves. As for the guest features, he’s keeping it entirely local with Key Nyata, 10iseewilliams, and Jarv Dee. Fans of Nacho will be glad to hear he’s still on his deadpan goofball-meets-gangster shit on High & Mighty, which you can stream and/or purchase below. 

Purchase: Nacho Picasso – High & Mighty [Bandcamp]

6 thoughts on “Stream Nacho Picasso’s New Album ‘High & Mighty’

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  1. Mister EL imitoro|

    Nacho can spit.

  2. dollarbillrussell|

    Also his pop culture references put even DOOM to shame.

  3. dollarbillrussell|

    Have you listened to the 3 albums with BSBD? He isn’t anything spectacular as a rapper, but those are some of the best produced albums in recent memory and he does a great job of matching up with the production, all while being hilarious.

  4. you ain’t grew up in the rain, so you prolly ain’t the same

  5. It’s a lot to do with the beats, but also about his ability to match some really fucking strange ones. His wordplay is also second to none.

  6. fosterakahunter|

    I still don’t get the fascination with this cat, besides some good beats.

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