Stream Elusive’s Jazzy, Dust-Covered ‘Ongaku’ Beat Tape

elusive-studioIf you’re looking for a new beat tape to throw some dust out of your speakers, Los Angeles’ Elusive has got what you need with Ongaku. The 26-track release is brimming with crate-dug sample flips, loose percussion, and some added keys here and there, making for something that’s wildly different from what we recently heard from him. He just produced that bass-heavy new Nocando single, “Little Green Monsters“, that sounds absolutely nothing like what he’s done with Ongaku. And for me, that’s what makes this jazzy, funky project that much more endearing. Like, “Yeah, I can crank out something modern if you want, but I can also do this.”

You can hear the tape below.

Purchase: Elusive – Ongaku [Bandcamp]

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  1. Damn how have I not heard of this guy before now? This is great

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