Stream Egadz’ Illuminating New Album ‘Satellites’

egadz-satellitesEarlier this month, I was particularly taken by San Francisco producer Egadz and his latest single, “Giant Steps“. There’s just something about the way the track made it sound like you could hear the beams emanating from an oscillating light. It’s most definitely steeped in “beat music,” but there’s more to it than the percussion and the bass.

The synthesizer work displayed by Egadz is uncanny, especially because I can picture him hunched over a series of synths and drum machines hammering away to bring the track to life. That same feeling runs throughout his newly released album, Satellites, which is streaming in its entirety because, well, god bless Bandcamp. I highly recommend giving this one a listen, just make sure you’re ready for it.

You can stream the album below and buy it on Amazon.

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