Stream Cannibal Ox’s Comeback Single ‘Gotham’

cannibal-ox-gothamCannibal Ox‘s reunion officially goes beyond some apparently disappointing live shows as the much-loved duo returns with the Gotham maxi-single. In addition to the murky, crawler of a title track, it boasts two more new cuts in “Gases In Hell (Inhale)” and “Psalm 82”. They’re all collaborations with producer Bill Cosmiq, a dude with a clear knack for complementing Vordul Mega and Vast Aire’s gruff delivery. While it’s impossible to hold these up to their classic debut, Cold Vein, it’s apparent that Can Ox are working to recapture that sound with or without El-P.

You can stream the tracks below. [via]

5 thoughts on “Stream Cannibal Ox’s Comeback Single ‘Gotham’

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  1. sittingboy|

    dull boring and lame. just awful bullshit. very disappointed.

  2. 3 For 3 I would say. Kept waiting for Vordul to pop in on “Gases In Hell” but it never happened. A Wu song without say Masta Killa or U-God is still a Wu song but when there’s 2 MCs in a group they should both be on every track. The time for solo play is over. Don’t forget there’s cats like me that spent money they worked hard all week for to buy the Vast Aire / Mighty Mi album (Go Saddam on him?), don’t half-ass us. Mutha fuckas have been waiting for your asses 13 years to scream phoenix yet again, go hard!

  3. Bro you ever seen Vast or them together live? It’s a clusterfuck. Saw Vast at SOBs years ago, he was 10x more concerned about his plate of Calamari than the show. Ever since then me and my boy call him Calamari Ox.

  4. More grit than a gravel pit. I love it!

  5. SpikeyJamez|

    What do you mean “some apparently disappointing live shows”? Just curious.

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