Stream Blu & Nottz’s ‘Gods In The Spirit’ EP

blu-nottz-gods-in-the-spiritAfter several good-to-great single drops, Blu and Nottz‘s joint EP has finally arrived. Gods In The Spirit is a raw collection of almost-left field boom-bap from two of the underground’s best acts. Blu’s rhymes are sharp and potent, and much of the same can be said for Nottz’s gritty instrumental choices. They’re also joined by a number of choice guests, including Homeboy Sandman, Sene, and ScienZe, all of whom make this already-worthy EP even better. Now, if we could get these guys to keep working together, that’d be even better.

You can hear the EP below.

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  1. Word, as if Nottz featured some dope rhymesayers..

  2. No forced features for record spins though–these are guys that collaborate together and have a similar vision. I get what you mean, it’s more like a Nottz project in a way

  3. God shit is the best track here.

  4. Doesn’t feel like a Blu & Nottz project..too many featz..

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