Stones Throw Signs Silk Rhodes, Releases New Single

silk rhodes

Basic knowledge says a record label leans towards one genre or subculture, switching up to explore new avenues only when something seems likely to pop. The majors and their flagship underlings tended to follow this golden rule of commercialism during hip-hop’s nascent stages, denying any rappers entrance to the big leagues before nudging open their gleaming doors to make a quick buck.

That bygone ’70s and ’80s culture is by and large behind us (though plenty would argue otherwise), but L.A. record label Stones Throw has continued to consistently, constantly provide platforms for any and all flavors of quality music for nearly two decades in the ever tumultuous entertainment industry.

That trend lived on today when the brainchild of Peanut Butter Wolf announced its latest signing: Silk Rhodes. The Baltimore-bred creative pair share an infinity for a soulful song laid bare, a slow jam piece of instrumental bliss, stripped of all artifice. The duo’s first single on the legendary indie label, “Pains,” coalesces these emotional elements, beginning like a molasses-paced love ballad before singer Sasha Desree leaps into a dynamic performance. Producer Michael Collins assists his partner’s touching tone with a beautiful beat of his own. Stream “Pain” below and follow Rhodes on Twitter.

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