Steel Tipped Dove – Ampersand Vol. 1 [Compilation]

Just in case you’re stuck at a party and need to round off a couple of Steel Tipped Dove tracks off the top of your head to impress a member of the opposite sex, the man himself is helping you out by dropping the first volume of his Ampersand series. The comp features tracks from some artists you may know, such as Heems, Lakutis, Kool A.D., and Big Baby Gandhi, but it also has some tracks from guys you might not know as well, like T.Shirt and StarPower, both of whom I’ve found out are very talented.

All 27 of these tracks have been released before, so Steel Tipped Dove is basically hooking you up by not making you scour the Internet for these tracks to impress aforementioned member of the opposite sex. Stream and download below, and be a pal and throw a couple bucks the dude’s way via Bandcamp. Or just download it here.

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