Star Slinger – “Mornin’ (Edit 2k12)”

For me, Star Slinger‘s latest tunes haven’t really done it for me. But the thing is, I can appreciate the fact dude’s doing his damn thing in the dance music arena. I completely understand the fact he wasn’t getting the love he deserved doing hip-hoppy beats with a strong Dilla influence. Either way, I’m not about to pass up on covering Slinger’s dance floor-ready edit of “Mornin'”, which is one of my favorite tracks from his catalogue. Is this version as good as the O.G.? Nah, it’s just different.

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  1. as opposed to you who has always sucked?

  2. star slinger sucks now. jesus. his mount kimbie remix and icy poles and shit was awesome. everything else sounds terrible. to each his own i guess lol

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