stacy – Restless [EP]

Eighteen-year-old Portland, Ore. producer stacy explodes onto the scene with Restless. An absolutely blistering debut EP, Restless takes the ‘cloud rap’ sound made (marginally) famous by luminaries like Keyboard Kid to its logical conclusion, with a sparse, gloomy palette loaded with booming bass notes and ethereal vocals. Spiritually congruous with some of fellow young gun Raja’s more contemplative work, there’s something emotionally arresting about the negative space and sonic fog surrounding these tracks- they may be primarily instrumentals, but damned if they don’t unfold cinematically.

“Theft and Self-Help”, a collab with Potholes Music’s own Black Noi$e, employs reverb-drenched, minimalist guitar samples and periodic Rhodes stabs to create an atmospheric, brooding vibe; whereas a remix of Alexander Spit’s “Facemelter” is downright sinister. With a debut like this, stacy’s setting the bar high for his future output, but Restless clearly demonstrates that the kid has potential for some seriously groundbreaking beatwork. [via]

Download: Stacy – Restless [Mediafire]

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