Special Pre-Launch Treat #3: Flux “Wondabat…Where Art Thou?” Mixtape

Got another treat for everyone! Now available for free download is the “Wondabat…Where Art Thou?” mixtape from Flux of the Binkis Recs! The 9-track mix features production from Ras, Madlib, DJ Pocket, DJ Static, King Lenario, Willie Evans Jr and Zo! Plus guest appearances from The Hheads and Eddie Meeks!

Continue to join us as we get closer to our January 25th launch, we still have some great treats for you!


Full tracklist and Download after the skip…

1- Where Art Thou Intro (Prod. Ras)
2- Don’t get Confused (Prod. Madlib)
3- Who? (Prod. DJ Pocket)
4- Today (Prod. DJ Static)
5- Yo! (Prod. Ras)
6- Hheds up- The HHeads feat. Fluxwonda (Prod. King Lenario)
7- Relay (Prod. DJ Pocket)
8- Intangible- Eddie Meeks feat. Fluxwonda (Prod. Willie Evans)
9- Love Yourself (Prod. Zo!)

Free Download: Flux “Wondabat…Where Art Thou?”

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  1. haha thanks Flux! keep the dope music coming man!

  2. Appreciate the love peoples. FANGGGGGG!!!

  3. Thanks!

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