Special Pre-Launch Treat #1: The Domination Mix Vol. 2

Here is the first of a few treats that we promised you all for being such patient people waiting for our January 25th launch. This one is from the good folks at Domination Records, as they wish us a Happy New Year. Featuring the likes of: Supasition, Moka Only, Butta Verses, Jazz Addix, Praverb, Stacy Epps, Count Bass D, Median, Von Pea and many more. Mixed by DJ Y-NOT?

LAUNCH DATE: January 25th, 2009

Full Tracklist and Download Link after the skip…

Side A
J-Zone Intro
Shorty Raw “Gotta Go”
Dr. Butcher & Understanding “In This World”
Butta Verses feat. Lucian “If I Die”
Moka Only “Run & Find”
The Heart & Brain “Mbodiment”
Seven “Where Da Rydaz At?”
Eddie Meeks “Fist Fulla Biscuits
Supastition “Worst Enemy”
Spacebound feat. True “Styles Unbreakable”
Jazz Addixx “DOPE”
Praverb “Dead 2 Sin”

Side B
Stacy Epps “Floatin”
ST/MiC feat. Dutchmassive & Jazz Addixx “Love Is”
Ron Contour “Flaunt”
Laws feat. Majik Most “Everyone’s a Critic”
Cadence of Raw Produce “Creative Commerce”
Storm the Unpredictable “Please Forgive Me” Remix
Arsun F!st “So Alive”
Dutchmassive feat. Median & Von Pea “Betterman”
Clan Destined “Never All Ways”
Jack Flash is Dead? “Questions”
Saint feat. Dumi Right of Zimbabwe Legit “About Time”
Count Bass D “In Search of”
Majik Most feat. Celph Titled & Dutchmassive “Back on the Map”
PFM feat. The Hoverock Massive “Splatter

Free Download: The Domination Mix (Don’t Holla) Vol. 2

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  1. any chance of a re-up?

  2. Thanks for the feedback Llama, glad you dig it.

  3. What the fuck do y’all know about the divy? Great shit.

  4. Dope songs, i was feeling it.

  5. Hope everyone had a happy, safe and fun holiday! Enjoy this little treat and let us know what you think…

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