Souleance – La Beat Tape [Album Stream]

Souleance – La Beat Tape [Album Stream]

souleance-la-beat-tapeSo … I heard you like beats. Well, if that’s the case, you’re in a ridiculous amount of luck, because Souleance’s La Beat Tape has neck-snapping instrumentals by the pound. The French duo of producer Fulgeance and DJ Soulist dug into crates of Turkish jams, mellow jazz, ’70s funk, and much more to build this 20-track release. And, really, if you’re not hooked by the head-nodding ways of “Sauce Samourai”, I don’t know what else to tell you. Oh wait, sure I do: OPEN YOUR EARS.

You can purchase and/or stream the album below, where you can also view the “Como Estan Bitches?” video.

Purchase: Souleance – La Beat Tape [Bandcamp]

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