Soon-To-Be International Sensation Brockhampton Reveal “Bet I”

Soon-To-Be International Sensation Brockhampton Reveal “Bet I”


LET’S LOOK AT THE HEADLINE SEEN ABOVE AND PONDER ITS SENSATIONALIST PREDICTION. Does Brockhampton, artistry collective extraordinaire, house a handful of the most gifted and internet-savvy vocalists, producers, designers and managers seen in recent memory? Why, yes, I believe it does. How about a star in its formation stage, but a star nonetheless? Last time I visited Twitter, Kevin Abstract appeared to be alive and well. May I issue an enthusiastic “Yup!” to that query, as well.

“Bet I” need to turn down my enthusiasm; it’s not very professional, surely, and my reaction is a bit of a troll. I’m spotted, guilty, caught red-handed. However, this debut song from the rebranded, revamped Alive Since Forever clan warrants high praise. This is what a posse cut should sound like in 2015 — varied, disoriented, eclectic. A static, grimy Abstract’s pronunciation of “Damn” is infectious, as is the eponymous chorus. Ameer roars through his bars and Merilyn Wood proclaims immunity against all care for the world with a vicious closing verse.

“We be getting high, acting like we don’t have problems” might as well sit in the social media bios of every person aged 14 through 30. Whether your vice is weed or Weezy, the feeling rings true.

For some guidance, here are the vocalists in order of appearance: Kevin Abstract, Ameer Vann, Matt Champion, JOBA and Merilyn Wood. Romil, a producing legend in the making, guides his compadres through a volatile backdrop with help from in-house producer BEAR//FACE, among others. Shouts to HK for the viscous cover.

Drop into this six-minute ride and hold on tight. Stream “Bet I” below and follow Brockhampton on Twitter. Dreams may die young, but this creative group/movement is destined to last.

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