Son Lux – “Easy” F. Busdriver (Remix)

BusdriverThe multi-talented Son Lux will release his third full-length, Lanterns, on Oct. 29 and according to¬†Spin, it’s got a warmer and more futuristic sound to it than its predecessors. That’s evident on the bizarrely catchy “Easy”, which Lux remixed himself with a little help from Busdriver. I’ve long thought that the West Coast rapper is deft not just as a lyricist but as a vocalist, too, because he allows his voice to transform into an instrument rather than simply act as a vehicle. He can make your head twist and get yanked in different directions by switching his tone, flipping his cadence, or simply raising his voice, all of which he does while actually, you know, remaining coherent.

You can hear the remix below. [via]

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