Snoop Lion Shows His Teeth Responding to Bunny Wailer

Snoop Lion Shows His Teeth Responding to Bunny Wailer

snoop-bunnyRemember when the Snoop Lion hype machine was in full effect and Bunny Wailer, a founding member of the Wailers, lashed out at the rapper-turned-reggae singer? Well, Snoop has finally reacted, perhaps as a means of reminding the world that Reincarnated came out this month. Whatever his motive, he didn’t mince words in this interview with Rolling Stone, in which the West Coast O.G. seems to be embracing his former self. In other words, this is absurd, hilarious, and hopefully nothing else comes of this.

Peep some choice quotes below and read the full piece at RS.

I mean, it would be meaningful for him to talk to me. He’s the one supposedly putting out the negative energy. I coulda said, “Fuck that n***a. Bitch-ass n***a.” I’m still a gangsta – don’t get it fucked up. I’m growing to a man, so as a man, do I wanna revert back to my old ways and fuck this n***a up, or move forward, shine with the light? It’s nothing. I’ve been hit before.

How did I exploit Bunny? I gave you a chance to be in my movie. My movie gonna be the shit with or without you. I’m gonna be the shit with or without you. I’m Snoop Dogg. Relevant right now.

It’s like, people take my kindness for weakness. In the Nineties, he could have never tried that because I’d have slapped the dog shit out of his old ass. How dare you? After all I’ve done for you? How dare you? You wasn’t the shit in the Wailers. You was just one of them: Bob, Peter Tosh, then you. They dead mean more than you do alive.

The reason for him not being on the album is I started hearing negative energy and rather than have him be a part of it, I kept him in the movie to show his positivity against his negativity. Here this comes out of left field to make me go back, be the old ignorant-ass n***a. To me, it’s a test, to see if I’m really made for this.

(Tone softening, posture relaxing, dropping into a Jamaican accent) Bunny, keep your head up. Jah bless; wisdom, guidance and protection.


  1. mtume
    Apr 24, 2013 @ 13:24:00

    right go out with some dignity snoop no ones fucking with this bullshit rastafari shit anyways

  2. what
    Apr 24, 2013 @ 13:17:00

    “they dead mean more than you alive”
    them”s fightin’ words

  3. bunny
    Apr 24, 2013 @ 12:57:00


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