Slum Village – “Decadence” F. Young RJ & Guilty Simpson

slum village decadence Slum Village   Decadence F. Young RJ & Guilty SimpsonSlum Village and Mick Boogie will release a second Dirty Slums mixtape later this month after dropping a successful first offering last year. And to get things goin’, they just released the gully “Decadence”, which features T3, Young RJ, and Guilty Simpson talkin’ shit over a brawling RJ production.

My only issue here is the fact I’m seeing people credit T3 as a featured artist, when dude’s pretty much the only surviving member of Slum Village. That leads me to believe that maybe Slum Village is like a figurehead of sorts now and basically anyone who collaborates with them is a member? Anyway, check out the cut below. [via]