Sims & Lazerbeak – Wildlife [EP]

What is a ‘Doomtree’ anyway? One of those Wizard of Oz trees? Well, Doomtree, you’ve done it again. The Midwest hip-hop collective’s Sims and Lazerbeak come together to kill a five-track EP. Lazerbeak kills it, slays the tracks, slices samples and puts together a gorgeous set. “The Lighthouse”, you’re looking at bongos, a¬†receding voice and toy piano. He’ll take an lo-fi home recording and turn it into jazzy, guitar-picking experience. Last year he dropped an absolute 1st place worthy album, Legend Recognize Legend, and one of my favorite releases. Sims singing ability gets tested in Wildlife¬†and while it’s not great, its purpose is Slug-like, a Rhymesayers sing-song chorus. Take the time to check this Doomtree release, it’s free and heavy hitting.

Hit the skip to stream and download the EP.

Download: Sims & Lazerbeak – Wildlife [Bandcamp]

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  1. RoosterWalrusKangaroo|

    Lazerbeak makes this shit in the jungle with a diesel generator and a MPC amongst lions, tigers, and bears, purely for our enjoyment. god bless him

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