You Need to Hear Simon SMTHNG’s New EP ‘such is life’

There is so much to love about Simon SMTHNG‘s new EP, such is life, that I almost just want to repeat the headline here and tell you, again, that you need to listen to this project. But that would be doing the release a massive disservice, because the Charlotte, N.C. producer really put his entire foot into this thing.

There’s so much variety within such is life‘s seven tracks, and yet it remains a cohesive experience. Perhaps it’s the fact that every song summons some kind of emotion while you’re listening.

There’s the aptly titled “missingu,” which feels like the acceptance of losing someone. And then there’s the haunting, somber tones of “maim” and its incredible percussion. But above them all, I have to call out the closing title track. The brassy, feel-good joint sounds like something MF DOOM would produce if he didn’t get bored after creating a five-second loop (no shots, just facts).

I could go on and on about why this is indeed the best work of SMTHNG’s career so far, but I’d really prefer it if you just listened to it already. You can hear it below or check it out on your preferred streaming service. Buy it now on Bandcamp.

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