Should We Be Surprised By The First-Week Sales Of ‘Cruel Summer’?

Should We Be Surprised By The First-Week Sales Of ‘Cruel Summer’?

Good Music Cruel Summer Cover Should We Be Surprised By The First Week Sales Of Cruel Summer?Well, G.O.O.D. Music‘s debut album as a crew, Cruel Summer, has officially been out for a week. And if you’re a nerd/music head, you know what that means: the first-week sales numbers are and … well, they’re not that pretty. The project sold less than P!nk’s latest album, Truth About Love, which moved 280,960 units and debuted at number one.

As for Kanye West and his crew? Well, they moved a total of 216,115 copies. That’s a shitload more than their competitors in 2012, aka Maybach Music Group, who only sold 98,000 units of Self-Made Vol. 2 in their debut week. And if we want to go back to when Young Money made their group debut in 2009 with We Are Young Money, we can. They did the following numbers: 142,000 copies in their first week.

Now, it’s impossible to really compare these crews—and more importantly their album sales—to one another. I mean, back in 2009, Drake and Nicki Minaj were not NEARLY as popular as they are now or even in the following months. And Maybach Music Group doesn’t have a single artist as big as Kanye West. For comparison’s sake, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy sold 496,000 copies in its first week while Rick Ross didn’t reach half of that amount with Teflon Don (176,300 copies) or God Forgives, I Don’t (218,000).

So where does this leave us? Well, it leaves me thinking that crew albums clearly don’t do the numbers of solo albums, which also leaves me to believe that the rest of the world doesn’t love posse cuts as much as I do. Or maybe it’s just the fact that we prefer assigning star power to a single person and not, say, several artists at once. Hell, even Watch The Throne only moved 436,000 units when it debuted and that was Yeezy and Hov (where the hell you been?).

And before you start throwing your arms up about Cruel Summer not having a big single, I’ll kindly ask you to chill and put your radio on. “Mercy” still gets some good burn, but yes, nothing else on the album really got a push. I don’t think I’ve heard “New God Flow” while going to get my groceries, though teasers of “Clique” have at least been used. Could it be that Kanye and co. just didn’t have it in them to make another smash like “Mercy“? Or is Yeezy himself to blame for refusing to do any interviews/promotional press?

There’s a lot to think about here, along with the fact that, of course, album sales continue to dwindle. And no, I don’t think that the leaking of Cruel Summer had anything to do with it. I think there are a lot of reasons why this record failed to sell like those of its individual artists, with piracy being very, very low on that list.

So now I’d like to open it up to you, the reader: Should we be surprised that Cruel Summer only moved 216,115 units? Or was this to be expected? Let me know.

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