Shady Blaze & Ryan Hemsworth – Distorted [Album]

During last night’s epic journey through depths of the rap internets I came across the personal website of one Ryan Hemsworth. I followed dude on Twitter off the strength of his ill Stephen Hawking background picture and kept it moving. I wake up this morning, check Twitter, and literally the first tweet I see is from Ryan announcing the release of Distorted, a collaborative album with Green Ova Undergrounds associate Shady Blaze. I’m a new convert to the clique (went apeshit ham over Main Attrakionz’s Blackberry Ku$h, Squadda B’s I Smoke Because I Don’t Care About Death, and Clams Casino’s instrumental mixtape over the past couple weeks), so I jumped on it. Ryan and Shady had me from track one, with Shady firing off a barrage of syllables over Ryan’s washed out sonics on spectacular opener “On Our Way”. Distorted is a trip, with Ryan’s titanic, electronica influenced beats accompanying Shady Blaze’s sometimes spitfire, sometimes smooth flow, which recalls old school Bone Thugz in the best way possible. Extra props to Ryan for the “Tug of War” instrumental, which samples one of my personal favorite songs of all time. Stop reading this and download it. Now.

Stream “No Fear” below and hit the skip to download the album.

Shady Blaze – No Fear (prod. Ryan Hemsworth) by ryan hemsworth

Download: Shady Blaze & Ryan Hemsworth – Distorted [Bandcamp]

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