Watch Shabazz Palaces’ Great New “Motion Sickness” Video

With Lese Majesty having been released several months ago now, we’ve had a good chunk of time to get familiar with the project. Shabazz Palaces‘ intentions for the album might not have been fully realized, though, if it weren’t for the release of their latest visual aid for “Motion Sickness.” The beautifully shot narrative is expansive and mysterious, and it leaves plenty of room for interpretation. Much like the work of Shabazz Palaces. What’s particularly interesting, though, is that the video ends unresolved, which leads us to believe this isn’t the final installment of music videos for the hip-hop act.

Watch the video below. Lese Majesty is out now.

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  1. I doubt she got shot. She didn’t do anything to provoke the officer. What is she gonna do: rob the lady in her own home, in front of her kid? Nope. The final scene means she sacrifices her daughter for her addiction(s), and obviously gets arrested for it.

  2. It seemed resolved to me. She eventually gets shot. It was interpreted in that astronaut scene on the girl’s Ipad.

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