Senzu Collective – Senzu Vol. 3 [Compilation]

When I learned that Alecks Awklr had a netlabel by the name of Senzu Collective, I immediately turned to Google, knowing that Senzu had to be some Japanese word of great significance. Instead, I was reminded of the old anime show Dragon Ball Z, and Senzu beans; a little piece of food that could magically heal a gaping wound the size of a brick. Fortunately for us, the collective’s newest release, Senzu Vol. 3, features no samples of cartoon dialog, but it does feature six producers we’ve featured on Potholes in the past (Awklr, Giraffage, Knxwledge, Juj, d33j), as well as a number of unknowns with enough talent to become well known over time.

Hit the skip to stream/download the compilation.

Download: Senzu Collective – Senzu Vol. 3 [Bandcamp]

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  1. This was incredible! I was expecting it to be good, but damn! So surprised. I highly recommend this to everyone reading, you won’t be disappointed.

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