Sene Announces New Album ‘brooklyknight.’ on Plug Research, Releases Promotional Short Film

Sene Announces New Album ‘brooklyknight.’ on Plug Research, Releases Promotional Short Film

After years of grinding, I think it is safe to say Sene has finally found a home that can support his progressive hip-hop sound. Signing to Plug Research to release his sophomore full-length, brooklyknight. will hopefully serve as that launching pad for this promising Brooklyn rapper. This news also explains why Sene has been so quiet as of late, as it appears he has been prepping this new album. brooklyknight. will feature appearances from west coast cronies Blu and Co$$, as well as production from J57, Fonetik Simbol, No Games, and more. To go along with the album announcement, Sene also drops off some promotional visuals, explaining the inspiration behind the album with help from Pace Rivers and Aaronisnotcool. brooklyknight. will be available April 24 via Plug Research.


“I spoke to Co$$. He was like, ‘Yo, if you do go home, you need to give it a shot of adrenaline.’ Somebody came to my first show when I was back [in Brooklyn from L.A.] and they were like, ‘Yo, you’re like a knight. You came home after going AWOL, but you’re like a knight over here.’ I told him I was. Brooklynknight.

“That regal feeling left after about a week. I felt like a tourist. Found myself waking up at 8 but laying in bed ’til 12. I cancelled every studio session I planned. I started smoking joints more frequently than I recorded them.”

“Then one day it hit me. I connect everywhere, everything, every time in my life through music. Songs, artists, scenes (no pun). It didn’t really feel like there was a scene in New York. I didn’t feel part of one, I didn’t see one. I don’t know these motherfuckers. And that’s when I decided, alright. It’s time to move forward. We need our own sound. We need a new sound.”

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