ScHoolboy Q Unveils New Alchemist-Produced Track, ‘Oxymoron’ Artwork & Preorder


What else can you ask for? Oxymoron, ScHoolboy Q‘s long-awaited major label debut album, was given an allegedly finalized release date of Feb. 25. Fans rejoiced (myself included), though setback after setback (pun intended) left a lingering nervousness throughout the hip-hop corners of the internet that this date would not stick.

Well, anyone still worried can let go of their fears (and everyone else can increase their excitement), because Q and his TDE team have made the highly anticipated upcoming project available for preorder via iTunes. As if that was not enough, you can now enjoy the artwork of the standard edition (above) and deluxe edition (below). Both covers captivate the eye and require a prolonged look. You can expect that quite a few people will buy each edition thanks to the powerfully simply imagery.

Oh, and one more thing: new music. Stream the Alchemist-produced “Break The Bank” below, a ghostly track that continues ScHoolboy’s winning streak.

Oxymoron‘s deluxe edition artwork:


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  1. tanyamorgan|

    Good list, here’s mine :

    1. Jay Electronica
    2. Earl Sweatshirt
    3. Danny Brown
    4. Freddie Gibbs
    5. Kendrick Lamar
    6. Shad
    7. Schoolboy Q
    8. Blu
    9. Chance
    10. Flatbush Zombies

  2. Right around 40 seconds of this video

  3. A Time For Love – Earl Klugh
    Sampled by Raekwon for Ice Cream and as far as I can tell was sampled for this track as well!

  4. Yeah chance the rapper is cool. He has one of the best tracks of the year with joey badass called Wendy and Becky. So definitely could have been a honorable mention.

    There are few I left off like chance, Theophilus Martins, Melo X etc and Flatbush zombies are alright aswell especially there beat selection.

    Actually I was going to put Joey Badass second but I thought kendrick had too big of a year.

    But Joey badass is on fire at the moment. Probably the best young emcee with a 90s flow and sound that I have heard for a while.

    Songs like Unorthodox and Sit N prey remind me of the good days of hip hop.

    This year he has had some epic tracks. Underground Airplay ft Big Krit and Smoke DZA is the number 1 song of the year for me.

    While kendrick Lamar raps over modern darker versions of drake style beats joey badass sounds like he would have fit in perfectly in the 90s.

    He sounds like Nine, lost boyz and the bootcamp click all in one. Grimey.

    Hip hop is returning to the east coast and the west coast and joey and kendrick are at the forefront. While big Krit who sounds like a 90s rapper aswell is the souths best new emcee period.

  5. Same sample source maybe? I can’t really tell.

  6. Arch Stanton|

    Dope track, beat reminds me of Raekwon – Ice Cream

  7. I agree with most of this except you forgot FLATBUSH. Honorable mention for Chance.

  8. Joey Badass should be 10 or honorable mention and Q and Danny should be 4 and 5 behind Action. Joey had 1 good mixtape and nothing since…

  9. best track q’s dropped in ages

  10. Best new rappers over the last 7 or so years.

    1. Jay Electronica
    2. Kendrick Lamar
    3. Joey Badass
    4. Action Bronson
    5. Fashawn
    6. Big K.R.I.T
    7. Smoke DZA
    8. Ab Soul
    9. Danny Brown
    10. Schoolboy Q


    Add-2, King Los, Earl Sweatshirt and Astro.

  11. Q and Alc = Gold

  12. deinemudda|

    The first track by Q I really enjoy.

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