Scarub – California [EP]

Being honest, first time through Living Legends’ Creative Differences I was completely turned off. Third track in, CMA talks about masturbation on “Addicted”.  Seriously? Maybe an artist like Del tha Funky Homosapien could get by, but a group that calls themselves ‘Living Legends’ either are being terrible comedians or underachieving. Second time through I stopped being such a stuck-up snobby asshole and seriously enjoyed the release. Scarub, 1/8 of the West Coast collective, showcases his own endeavor enlisting the help of buddy Eligh, Toni Scruggs and Dirty Gold on his EP California. The four-track release shows he’s still laid back as ever, quotes Outkast and stays close to the surf.  It’s a warm, appropriately summer release and carefree hip-hop. [via]

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Download: Scarub – California [Artist Site]

The California EP by Scarub

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  1. By the way – yo – I’ve been into select members of the Living Legends since I was first introduced to them – specifically Eligh, Scarub, Grouch, Murs, etc., but I’ve been branching out to the others as well – however I would really steer clear of something like Creative Differences and the other compilations put out to introduce new fans…it’s unfortunate really…but if you like really raw, unique, old-school underground hip-hop, seek out some of these guys’ first albums – specifically Eligh’s (all self-produced on 4-tracks and what not), Scarub’s (his first 2-3 are great), Grouch and Murs.

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    3rd song is nice & cool for the long, lazy summer days.

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