Samiyam – Sam Baker’s Album

Samiyam – Sam Baker’s Album

Samiyam – Sam Baker’s Album
Brainfeeder: 2011

Sam Baker’s Album is a Frankenstein like creation—hip-hop instrumentals, poorly stitched together, then filled with an ample amount of electricity.

Samiyam created a monster that is mostly bullet proof and adaptable, with sharp teeth and a hand full of candy. Candy of course, to attract up and coming rappers flocking to the LA scene.  Like those who came before, Samiyam moved to Los Angeles just 5 years ago, leaving An Arbor, Michigan to pursue hip hop production. Now he’s reputable and he’s been busy since Rap Beats Vol. 1.

But let the music speak—this album pulls together a mash of organic and lo-fi electronic filler. It’s a blend that croons for a layer of lyrical content. “Where Am I” though, could be a standalone instrumental—your daily dose of vitamin-groove, an audible mind trip that conditions your brain for “Cushion”, which is anything but soft. A treble-some bass track for pissing off the neighbors. Rewind to Escape, the opener where electronic beats swallow some 80s style funk, then burp out a whole lotta bass.

Sam Baker’s Album is also full of laughable samples from the likes of folk hero, Daniel Johnston and Trailer Park Boys’ Mike Smith, aka Bubbles. But that alone doesn’t come close to characterizing this album. That role is filled by Samiyam’s allegiance to bassy funk, grooves and sexy melodies. You could fuck to this music—but you could also make love.

Then make pancakes, because you’ll need the energy once the scene gets a hold of these hip hop instrumentals.

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3.5 out of 5

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