Rome Fortune & OG Maco Reunite For ‘YEP’ EP

Rome Fortune & OG Maco Reunite For ‘YEP’ EP


Rome Fortune was one of 2014’s most prolific MCs. OG Maco gave us one of last year’s finest left-field breakouts (“U Guessed It”). Together, with the YEP EP, they push each other to dabble further still in untapped stockpiles for inspiration — reggae, British commercials (“Easy peasy lemon squeasy”), stretched and echoey ad-libs… it’s 2015’s hip-hop witch cauldron. It’s disgusting music. Not like Arthur the Aardvark looking at steamed spinach, but grimy in the best possible way.

It’s grotesque, a far cry from the pretty synths of Rome’s Beautiful Pimp II or even portions of Small VVorld, and that’s a beautiful thing. My nose curled within five seconds of “Jungle” and stayed contorted until “Riot”‘s end — quietly the highest level of cosign the human body can provide.

So long as this project holds up to repeated listens — YEP will receive plenty of those — 2015 has seen its best rap release. That we’re one week in doesn’t change that sentiment’s impact: expect this to last.

Stream YEP below and download the EP here.

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