RiFF RAFF Announces ‘Galaxy Gladiators’ Album With Action Bronson

bron-riff-raffThe duo behind one of 2012’s best tracks has apparently started working on a full-on album together. If the above photo didn’t give it away, it’s the tag-team of Action Bronson and RiFF RAFF. The latter broke the news in an interview with MTV about his upcoming NEON iCON project, which is due out in January 2014 on Mad Decent. But when he got to talking about his rapper pals, that’s when RiFF opened up about his album with Bronson.

“Every track that me and Action Bronson do is a hit song,” RiFF told MTV, clearly aware of the success of tracks like “Bird On A Wire”, “Hot Shots Part Deux“, and “Long Pinky“. The eccentric rapper added that Bronson is “actually one of my best friends” and that he feels like “he’s more accepted than me and he’s on another level than me in the hip-hop world.”

So, how excited are you for Galaxy Gladiators? [via]

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  1. Love the idea, but Riff Raff says he’s got so many albums/collaborations coming up I’m not going to be excited for this until I see some actual proof of the album, because otherwise I will only get disappointed when it doesn’t drop.

  2. Michael Balot|


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