Rick Ross the Target of a Drive-By Shooting in Florida

rick ross cub Rick Ross the Target of a Drive By Shooting in FloridaDetails are slowly trickling in about an apparent drive-by shooting at 5 a.m. in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. with the target apparently being Rick Ross. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but Miami’s Local 10 has several witness reports stating that the Miami native was driving a Rolls Royce that got hit by several bullets. In an attempt to evade the shots, the car then crashed into a residential building. A business owner near the scene said that Rozay bought a home recently that’s located close to the crime scene.

Man, y’all are cold trying to off dude on his birthday of all days. Shit. At least no one was injured. And when I said that Ross needs to take 2013 off, I didn’t mean that y’all need to start shooting at him. Jesus Christ.

rozay car Rick Ross the Target of a Drive By Shooting in Florida

UPDATE: It’s been confirmed that Rozay was indeed the target of a drive-by. Shit.


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