Rick Ross Speaks On His Controversial Lyrics on Rocko’s “U.O.E.N.O”

rick-ross-blingEarlier today we reported on the fact that a Michigan radio station has effectively banned Rick Ross and Lil Wayne from its rotation. The reasoning behind pulling Rozay’s work is based on his controversial rhymes on Rocko’s single, “U.O.E.N.O”, in which the Miami native basically raps about how he’s going to date rape a woman after dropping some Molly in her champagne.

And for the first time ever, Ross is speaking out against what he says is a “misunderstanding and misinterpretation” of his lyrics. He goes on to say that he doesn’t condone rape and wants to reach out to all his female fans (“queens and sexy ladies”) about the “misunderstanding.” “We don’t condone raping,” he adds. “I’m not with that.” Rozay also notes that he’s not against people discussing his or other rappers’ lyrics like this, because he feels like it’s all part of the process.

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Update: I feel like writer Alan Pyke summed this all up best with the following tweet:


Also, this isn’t the first time Ross has rapped about stuff like this. Back in 2009 on the track “Gunplay” off Deeper Than Rap, he actually used the term rape in a threat to his enemies: “Is it how chain swing?/Tired of my face/Telling lies gettin’ n***as wives tied up and raped.” Ugh.

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  1. Because when Eminem does it, it’s about how fucked up he is, not about how great it is that he’s getting pussy. Context.

  2. Hasn’t Eminem been talking about raping women for years? why is the hip hop industry still on his dick? Why didn’t we show him the door years ago? Why are those early albums still regarded as classics? can anybody explain this?

  3. this lyric is just a part of the lifestyle the ross perpetrates and hip hop fans glorify him for. seriously, this is the lyric that changed people’s mind on ross? everything else was ok? it was all just entertainment until now? same with lil’ wayne. if you’re taking a stand against deplorable lyrics, these two should’ve been off the playlist long ago. only now, its beneficial to radios stations and blogs to take a stand instead of promote, so they do so. just my 2 cents.

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